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Additive injection and groundwater recirculation trailers available for short or long term lease.

TersOx™ - Inorganic Peroxygen for Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation

RemBind designed to treat TPH, PAH, PFOS, PCBs, PCPs, and various pesticides

Sulfate Enhanced Bioremediation 

MacroEVO™: High Oil Retention Formulation

MacroEVO™ is a neat-oil surfactant blend used for anaerobic bioremediation of chlorinated halogenated straight-chain and aromatic hydrocarbons such as perchloroethene (PCE) and trichloroethene (TCE) and chlorinated phenols, perchlorate explosive materials such as aromatic nitrates, residues of energetic munitions, nitrates, acids, radionuclides and metal oxides.  When emulsified in the field, MacroEVO™ produces oil droplets that are larger than those in our water soluble oil MacroEVO™.  MacroEVO™ is ideal for coarse materials  and on sites with very high groundwater velocities as the larger droplets are readily retained.  MacroEVO™ should not be used in soils with low permeability such as silts and clays.  We suggest MacroEVO™  for these aquifers as MacroEVO provides better mobility in low permeability soils. Once injected MacroEVO™ slowly ferments to hydrogen and volatile fatty acids which supports anaerobic biodegradation for as long as five years after a single injection under ideal conditions.

Chemical and Physical Properties

MacroEVO™ is a light amber, medium viscosity, blend of soy oil and surfactants. These surfactants have been specially combined to be a highly water dispersible oil-in-water emulsifier.